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Docs+ Release Notes - January 7, 2020


“Both Sides” option added to New Transaction modal

Previously, when an agent created a deal from the transaction modal, they could only select the buy or list sides of the transaction. To then select the multi-representation option, they’d have to navigate to the first form, open the People panel, and select “Both”.

To clean up this workflow, we’ve added an option to select both sides up front when creating a transaction.

01-07-2021 Release Notes - NVAR

Party filters added to form library selector modal We've added Buying Side/Listing Side/Both filters in the form library to correspond with the agent’s role in the deal. See the screenshot below for an example; with the buying side selected, listing forms will be grayed out to dissuade agents from adding forms on which they aren’t directly representing the client. That said, they’re still able to select them if needed.

01-07-2021 Release Notes

The goal with both improvements is to minimize the room for user error when selecting forms and their respective roles from the very beginning of the transaction creation flow, avoiding potential mistakes that require retroactive changes to the people panel on each individual form.

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