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Docs+ Release Notes: Tuesday, September 29 2020


Agents are now able to combine multiple documents and download as one PDF  

Based on feedback we’ve received, agents can now stitch together multiple forms and download them as a single PDF for simple sharing to receiving agents. To do this, open a transaction folder and select more than one form, then click Download from the top right toolbar. A modal will appear with download options:  



After clicking Next, you’ll see a second modal with the selected forms. From here, you can drag and drop to edit the order of forms in the PDF:  



Click Next to download, which will produce a single large PDF for the agents to use; the file will appear based on the location they selected from the first modal.

Guided tour added for “Announcements” tab 

A Guided Tour has been added to broker/admin ‘Announcements’ section, providing a more consistent user experience when looking for in-app support. 





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