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May + June 2019: Realtors® - Rethink, Revise, Refresh for Success


The C2EX Challenge

The anecdotes in this issue’s cover article show that unexpected occurrences can require a shift in mindset, or even business practices. Sometimes things impact our business that we just can’t predict or control. What we can do, is educate ourselves about potential challenges and be proactive about making needed adjustments.

Our business landscape is constantly changing to adapt to our evolving world. Earlier this year, I attended an economic conference where the recurring themes were innovation, curiosity and change. In his opening remarks, George Mason University President Angel Cabrera said, “Businesses that thrive are leading the disruption.”

So how can we be prepared to deal with change in our marketplace? One great place to start is NAR’s C2EX Commitment to Excellence program (details below). I recently completed this online journey, which includes a self-assessment that measures proficiency in various elements of professionalism. Based on your personalized results, the platform generates customized learning paths. I highly recommend this program and challenge each of you to join me in our collective path towards achieving excellence! The modest time commitment will pay off in knowledge and skill enhancements that will benefit your business.

Whether you call it innovation, disruption, or evolution, it’s clear that change is on our horizon. Working together, we can ensure continued relevance, respect and Realtor® success.

NAR’s New Professionalism Tool

Commitment to Excellence

Realtors® are committed to their clients, the community, and the professionalism of the real estate industry. When it comes to upholding professionalism, Realtors® are committed to nothing short of excellence. The Code of Ethics lays the groundwork for Realtor® professionalism, and the National Association of Realtor’s® Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) tool takes it further by giving Realtors® a method to evaluate and improve their professional service.

C2EX allows Realtors® to take a self-assessment and then measures their proficiency in several professionalism elements called the C2EX Competencies. The program then generates a personalized set of learning paths, tools and resources to help enhance each user’s skillsets.

Be an advocate for the future our industry. Be committed to excellence. Visit to start the program today!

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