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Nov + Dec 2018: Our Bright Future: Powered by Collaboration, Dedication, Innovation


The end of the year brings an opportunity for reflection – of the past year’s highlights, accomplishments and challenges – as well as a time to look forward. You – our dedicated NVAR members – have much to celebrate and be proud of:

  • A culture of collaboration that includes an active, engaged membership of 13,000+:
    • A strong group of volunteer leaders who hold more than 350 positions in 28 committees and advisory groups to implement NVAR’s strategic vision
    • A 25% increase in committee applications, and 20% increase in members voting in the Board of Directors election
  • A strong track record of making informed, member-guided decisions about how best to invest member resources to deliver value.
  • A robust offering of more than 300 classes, events and programs delivering opportunities for you to strengthen your client- and business-driven skills.
  • An incredibly healthy financial position:
    • A strong balance sheet with a remarkable 3.60 ratio of assets to liabilities – a ratio of at least 1.5 is considered solid
    • An exceptionally well-qualified team of volunteer leaders and staff, including two CPAs, exercising strong fiduciary oversight to ensure that your dues dollars are utilized efficiently and effectively
    • Unmodified opinions by outside independent auditors for the past 15 years–indicating the highest levels of accounting, management and checks and balances
    • No dues increase in more than 18 years while many significant member benefits have been added or remain in place
  • A dedicated professional staff team that partners with volunteer leaders to deliver valuable benefits, programs, products, services and events to our members.
  • A strong regional economy and robust real estate market: more than $18 billion sold through the end of September.

As a leader in the industry, your association is constantly evolving to foster transparency, improve governance and maintain board accountability. The bylaws updates that members unanimously approved during our Oct. 9 annual meeting and the review of our policies and procedures that is currently underway are manifestations of that commitment.

Looking ahead to 2019, we’re excited, energized and confident in our future as an association and as an industry. To continue to thrive as an organization, we depend on your participation, we value your commitment and we appreciate your support.

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