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Mar + Apr 2018: Value, Innovation, Impact Drive Enhanced Member Experience

Spring signals growth, and we know that our members are preparing for the active seasonal market. At NVAR, your staff and volunteer leaders are gearing up, too. Through a collaborative strategic planning process this past January, we have developed blueprints for innovative practices designed to advance your career.

With our new strategic plan, NVAR will continue to focus on our core areas of service that you have come to expect. But, we’ll be laser focused on three new strategic drivers that will propel our shared Vision 2020: Value, Innovation and Impact.

We’ll deliver exceptional, highly customized member experiences to enhance and drive value. We’ll innovate by creating inspiring solutions in a dynamic marketplace. And we’ll collaborate strategically to increase our collective impact. Our goal is to energize and mobilize you, our members, so that you can continue to be the valued resource for Northern Virginia homebuyers and sellers.

We know that the marketplace is changing. We face challenges – and opportunities – ranging from lagging inventory to “disruptive technologies.” NVAR is committed to facing those challenges, embracing change and creating business solutions that will prepare all of us to emerge in a position of strength.

In the coming months, we will continue to explore and develop leading-edge technologies that respond to the demands of a dynamic marketplace. These advances will enhance our ability to deliver relevant and accessible programs, products and services for our members.

As industry leaders, we pledge to anticipate the trends that will impact your business. Stay connected through our digital communications channels to learn about the latest improvements to your NVAR membership experience that will keep you moving forward.
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