Northern Virginia & Second Citizenship



Second citizenship is a legal status in which a person can claim citizenship of more than one country under the laws of those countries. A person holding multiple citizenship is, generally, entitled to the rights of citizenship in each country whose citizenship they are holding, such as right to a passport, right to enter the country, right to residence and work, right to vote, etc. There are two types of citizenship application processes: inbound and outbound. Follow the links below to see how the process works:

     inbound                                        outbound

Before Coming to the U.S.
You will want to determine...

1. What area of the U.S. do you want to relocate?
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2. What is your investment budget?
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3. Do you need a Realtor®?
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Before Leaving the U.S.
You will want to determine...

1) Are you Selling your U.S. assets or leaving them in the care of a Property Manager?
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2) Where in the world are you looking to relocate or invest in?
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