Global Success Month


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The idea behind Global Success Month all started with a single question, “Why are we not celebrating Global in a big way?” So, we got together and decided to just do it and make it happen. We all know we’ve had to pivot in a big way due to the pandemic but one blessing in disguise is an overall increase in proficiency with Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. This is a great excuse to erase borders and connect internationally. 

Global Success Month is going to host many virtual events and classes that are open to ALL Realtors® who would like to participate. Realtors® will have the opportunity to get CIPS certified in a new and exciting way and network with Realtors® in other countries as well! There are so many resources at our fingertips in regards to International Real Estate. Our goal is to bring it to you and meet you where you are.  

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Across the country and around the world, people are ready to move. Realtors® are their best resource. Broaden your boundaries, build your business, and realize Global Success. Imagine the possibilities.

Thank you again to our Global Success Month partners, Long Island Board of Realtors®Miami Association of Realtors®North Carolina Association of Realtors® for an incredible month of content to enhance our industry expertise and expand our members opportunities. Check out their websites linked below and on social to experience the excitement!


Stay Tuned for more Global Success Month Updates!