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Small Broker Forum

The Small Broker Forum is dedicated to providing topical education and resources relevant to brokerages of a designated size and to cultivate involvement and leadership by the brokers of those offices.


Broker members represent a wide variety of business models, brokerage sizes, and personal preferences. NVAR encourages participation from all levels of members and looks to this group for information and guidance on the topics that Small Brokers find most important and relevant.  The NVAR Small Broker Advisory Group provides direction on educational and networking opportunities geared toward Small Brokers and small business owners.

Forum sessions, designed by the Small Broker Forum Advisory Team, offer an informal setting that allows for an open exchange of ideas on topics relevant to these members. Topics include building and maintaining credit, marketing, real estate investing and preparing for tax season. For a list of upcoming events, please see below

(Open to NVAR Brokers with less than 10 agents)

Advisory Team Members:

 Anjana Budhathoki  
 Adrian Cloxton  
 Ermeess Faris   
 Krasimira Henkel  
 Abla Khoursheed   
 Hye Kyung Lee  
 Joel Mack   
 Cinnamon Pham  


Staff Support:

Jina Myers
Senior Director of Operations, Marketing and Engagement Strategy

Monir Awad
Manager of Communications, Experience & Engagement

NVAR Small Broker Forum Presents: Secrets to Success With Brad Allen (August 18, 2021)
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