Real Estate Finance & Settlements Forum

Real Estate Finance and Settlements Forum 

Real Estate Finance & Settlements Forum

The mission of the Real Estate Finance & Settlements Forum is to monitor current financial and regional market trends and disseminate relevant finance information to the general member through NVAR publications, educational seminars, quarterly member events and an annual Economic Summit.


The Real Estate Finance & Settlements Forum is committed to researching, monitoring and disseminating the most up-to-date market and industry data and trends to NVAR members. In alignment with NVAR's strategic plan and the advisory team's mission, the group explores and makes recommendations for quarterly educational and informational events. Group activities include:

  • Discussing the latest trends in market conditions and finance.
  • Proposing topics and identifying industry thought leaders to present information to the membership through events, publications and social media.

(Open to all NVAR members)

Advisory Team Members:

 Dan Aminoff Victoria Kiser
 Laurinda Clemente Kashmira Kroner 
 Todd Condron Lisa Mitchell 
 Scott Davis Marcellis Negron
 Karen Day Luisa Sipple
 Richard Donohoe Ashok Varna
 Jeremy Harridath

Staff Support: 

Maria Flaks
Senior Director of Legal Affairs

Arian Wahab
Staff Attorney

Latest Meeting Update: February 2021


Jeremy Harridath

Jeremy Harridath

Scott Davis
Scott Davis

Upcoming Events: