Professionalism & Ethics Advisory Group

Professionalism and Ethics Advisory Group 

Professionalism & Ethics Advisory Group (PEAG)

The mission of PEAG is to promote and uphold professionalism to elevate the business of members and protect the Realtor® brand.


Professionalism is vital to the success of a Realtor®. PEAG provides valuable feedback relating to member experiences, so that NVAR can offer engaging, quality and relevant educational opportunities for the membership. Who said that learning can’t be fun? PEAG believes that the best educational experiences are those that are enjoyable and memorable.

Additionally, in support of the efforts of the NVAR Professional Standards and Grievance Committees, PEAG provides direction to strengthen internal procedures and materials. PEAG meets as needed and is a great introduction into NVAR’s dispute resolution processes and the Realtor® Code of Ethics.

(Open to all NVAR Realtor® members)

Group Members:


Tiffany Aquino
Kim Kroner
Felicia Brewster Lisa Langlais
Matt Cockerham Jennifer Molden
Jamie DeSimone Karen Olmstead
Alexandra Fielding Elliot Roberts
Michelle Gordon Mary Roesch
Donna Hamaker
Carol Stadfield
Victoria Hamp Charles Wade
Stacy Holscher James (Jed) Williams
April Hullett

Staff Support:

Stevie Fisher

Associate Director of Professional Services

Maria Flaks
Staff Attoney

Tiffany Aquino

Tiffany Aquino

Mary Elizabeth Roesch

Mary Elizabeth Roesch