NVAR Cares Committee

NVAR Cares Committee 

NVAR Cares Committee

The purpose of the NVAR Cares Committee is to research, analyze and select organizations that meet NVAR values and match our community outreach goals.


Our volunteers, members and staff understand their roles as leaders in the Northern Virginia community that NVAR serves. We have a commitment to supporting organizations that deliver local services to those who may be at risk or who are in housing crisis. The Board has supported the establishment of the NVAR Cares Committee to research, analyze and provide recommendations for NVAR involvement and outreach.

While some of this involvement will be in the form of financial support to local nonprofits, NVAR will seek appropriate opportunities to begin, build and maintain new relationships. The partnerships that we create will have the goal of our providing service to our community. Such effort will help to underscore that NVAR members give back to the community that they serve.

(Open to all NVAR members)

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Group Members:

 Casey Menish
 Clarry Ellis
 Pamela Alcantara Hidalgo
 Shawn Barsness
 Peter Bixby-Eberhardt
 Brian Block
 Kathryn Bonzano
 Bethany Ellis
 Kimberly Fiul
 Lisa Floryancic
 Diane Margar Freeman
 Sharon Hall
 Victoria Kiser
 Frances Kyte
 Jeanne Little
 Neil McKinnon III
 Aida Monje de Busch
 Margory Nunez Liza
 Nora Partlow
 Sherry Skinner
 Candace Thompson
 Karlene Tolbert
 Fred Westerlund
 Linda Wheeler
 Linda Wolf
 Jennifer Yoo

Staff Support:

Ebony Brown
Member Engagement Manager

Casey Menish

Clarry Ellis

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