NV/RPAC Campaign Committee


NV/RPAC Campaign Committee

The mission of the NV/RPAC Campaign Committee is to develop and implement an annual fundraising campaign to solicit member investments in support of REALTOR®-friendly local and state candidates/legislators and issues campaigns.


The Northern Virginia/Realtors® Political Action Campaign Committee is in charge of the annual political fundraising campaign for the calendar year. Committee members assist the Campaign Chair in planning fundraising activities and promoting the benefits of NV/RPAC to fellow Realtors®. Contributions raised are used by the NV/RPAC Trustees to support Realtor®-friendly candidates and issues of importance to the real estate community. 

(Open to all current NV/RPAC investors)

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Group Members:

Anthony Athanason Nicholas Lagos
Mary Bowen Raba Letteri
Mary Ann Burstein Muraji Nakazawa
Miranda Carter Dinh Nguyen
Jonathon Coles Mayra Pineda
Thomas Daley Justin Prompovitch
Anne Michael Greene Margaret Richardson
Sharon Hayman  JD Teitelman
Tammy Hoogstad  Thuy Anh Vu
Sarah Jernigan

Staff Support:

Josh Veverka
Senior Government Affairs Director

Jonathon Coles