New Member Advisory Group

New Member Advisory Group (1) 

New Member Advisory Group

The mission of the New Member Advisory Group is to ensure that the content, materials and activities surrounding the NVAR new member onboarding experience prepares new members for their personal and professional journey and success within the real estate field.


The New Member Advisory Group works to ensure that the factors for new Realtor® success are constantly under review and are regularly being strengthened to meet the evolving needs of the field, the profession, and the marketplace. Group activities include:

  • Identify, document, evaluate, and promote a variety of the pathways and benefits for members with less than 4-years-experience have available to them in their membership with NVAR.
  • Plan, participate, and strengthen the many different new member engagement activities, events and programs, including the NVAR New Member Orientation and the New Member Application and Onboarding Experience.
  • Advise and support staff in the development and maintenance of NVAR website and social media presence for new members with less than 4-years-experience.

(Open to Realtor® members that have four years of experience or less)

Projects Include:

  • Identifying suggestions and improvements to new member orientation
  • Providing feedback and expertise for Shop Realtor®
  • Helping to develop the NVAR new member onboarding experience

Group Members:

Donyell Allen
Shontae Johnson (Chair)
Massiel Bermudez-Rios Natalie Lickfield
Shari Carroll Christine Morgan
Jonathan D. Coles  Brett Nickley (Vice-chair)
Nicole Harding Micheal Pena 
 Ryne Johnson  Rebecca Stogdill
Meghan Whaley Meghan Jane Whaley
 Millie Zhuo   Hanwen Zhuo

Staff Support:

Jina Myers
Senior Director of Operations, Marketing and Engagement Strategy

Heather Embrey

Shontae Johnson

Heather Embrey (2)

Brett Nickley