Leadership Development & Awards Advisory Group

leadership development and awards advisory group 

Leadership Development & Awards Advisory Group

The mission of NVAR’s Leadership Development & Awards Advisory Group is to encourage volunteer leadership within the association and to ensure that qualified NVAR members and programs are recognized as recipients for local, state, national and international awards.


To support the diversity of the membership, the group’s purpose is to develop, support and recommend strategies for identifying and developing leadership within NVAR in order to advance the strategic plan and strengthen NVAR’s volunteer leadership model. The group is also responsible for soliciting nominations and applications from the NVAR membership constituency to guarantee the most qualified candidates are being nominated and recognized for awards and recognitions.


  • Identify and promote a variety of “Pathways to Leadership” and award recognition opportunities within NVAR, VAR and NAR.
  • Ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive base of volunteer leaders by identifying potential barriers impeding the inclusion of individuals from different demographic groups.
  • Cast a wide net and encourage members from a variety of business backgrounds (levels of experience, brokerage companies, areas of expertise, etc.) to get involved with NVAR and to apply for awards.
  • Develop and refine initiatives to create the next generation of qualified candidates for appointed positions.
  • Discuss how to increase leader engagement, satisfaction and recognition while facilitating the processes for identifying and selecting new NVAR leaders.
  • Monitor the many different Awards programs at local, state and national levels for submission criteria and deadlines for application.

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Group Members:

Eman Aish  
Nassia Asgill
Wendy Clavijo
Sheleen Dumas
Rebecca Haughian
Stacy Holscher 
Uttam Karki  
Aftabjan Khan  
Guiselle Ortega  
Erika Pezzella

Staff Support:

Josh Veverka
Government Affairs Director

Grace Mathias
Communications, Experience and Engagement Specialist

Meeting Recaps

Nassia Asgill

Nassia Asgill

Rebecca	Haughian

Rebecca Haughian