Hispanic Realtors® Forum

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Hispanic Realtors® Forum

The mission of the Hispanic Realtors® Forum is to celebrate and support the NVAR Hispanic Realtor® community through education, networking opportunities and cultural awareness.


The advisory team for the Hispanic Forum provides input and direction for quarterly events hosted by the forum. The advisory team determines topics of cultural relevance to offer to the entire NVAR membership and plans a menu featuring Hispanic cuisine.

In early 2000s, the NVAR Board of Directors was exploring ways to better engage growing marketplace segments of NVAR membership, as well as identify potential future leaders from growing cultural groups within NVAR membership. At this time, several heavily represented cultural groups were identified. Hispanic Realtor® Forum was one of the groups that was formed as part of this effort. Since then the group has become a major player in planning and execution of relevant events for the Hispanic Realtor® community and NVAR membership as a whole.

(Open to all NVAR members)

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Advisory Team Members:

Caridad Collins
Claudia Flamenco
Melisa Fransisco
Vivian Garcete
Evelyn Guzman
Sasha Jagger
Fiorella Martinez
Aida Monje de Busch
Paola Montecinos
Margory Nunez Liza
Estela Pacori
Michael Pena
Tony Rivas
Dayana Tamayo
 Anavictoria Torres
 Luis Zabala

Staff Support:

Teresa Watson
Associate Director of Education

Olivia Dawson
Communications, Experience, and Engagement Specialist

Claudia Flamenco Headshot

Claudia Flamenco

Margory Nunez Liza
Margory Nunez Liza