Global Leadership Advisory Group

Global Leadership Advisory Group 

Global Leadership Advisory Group

The mission of NVAR’s Global Leadership Advisory Group is to increase NVAR members’ awareness of global business opportunities – both inbound and outbound – and to attract international investment to our incredibly diverse and culturally rich region.


The Global Leadership Advisory Group is comprised of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs from the NVAR Cultural Forums and the International Business Forum. The group consults on NVAR global programming, international real estate activities and conferences and provides expertise on the future of global real estate.

Northern Virginia is an ethnically and culturally diverse area where almost a third of the population was born outside of the U.S. and nearly 40% of the region’s population uses a language other than English in their home. Annually almost 10,000 non-U.S. citizens move into the Northern Virginia area from a location outside the U.S. Serving such an evolving community with an ever growing, ever changing cultural landscape requires that NVAR must always adapt and change to capitalize on the opportunities that our Realtors® and brokers find in the marketplace.  

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Group Members:

Miguel Calvo 2023 Global Leadership Advisory Group Chair
Cassandra Welch African American Forum Chair
Chanel Harper African American Forum Vice-Chair
Angie Delboy Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum (DEI) Chair
Charles Hoskins Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum (DEI) Vice-Chair
Jannet Pacori Hispanic Chair
Claudia Flamenco Hispanic Vice-Chair
Farid Khan
International Business Forum Chair
David Raffinengo International Business Forum Vice-Chair
Julie Park Korean Realtors® Forum Chair
Emma Lee Korean Realtors® Forum Vice-Chair
John Pham Vietnamese Realtors® Forum Chair
Jennie Ni Vietnamese Realtors® Forum Vice-Chair

Staff Support

Gabby Lavoie
Engagement & Experience Manager 

Frank Doyle

Chief Operations Officer

global chair

Miguel Calvo