Budget & Finance Committee

Budget & Finance Committee 

Budget & Finance Committee

The mission of the Budget & Finance Committee is to maintain the financial integrity of the association by reviewing and monitoring the association’s annual budget, audited financial statements, financial statements and investment performance.


Budget & Finance Committee members build the annual budget, ensure that the association's activities comply with the annual budget, maintain the financial integrity of the association, review and recommend Board of Directors' actions as needed and monitor the association's investment portfolio and performance. Committee is also responsible for the Annual Audit and Management Review.

NVAR members rely on the association to maintain a strong financial position in order to provide continuing Realtor®-related products and services.

(Open to all NVAR Members; Maximum Members: 16 )

Group Members:

Membership on the Budget & Finance Committee is limited to NVAR members and consists of a chair (NVAR’s Secretary/Treasurer), other appointed NVAR members, and one staff liaison (NVAR’s Chief Financial Officer). NVAR’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Controller also participate in committee meetings.

Casey Menish   Rob Carney 
 Gary Lange   Nicholas Lagos 
 Peter Bixby  Marriah Unruh
 Gay Ashley   Ava Nguyen 
 Andrea Fair   Thai Hung Nguyen 
 Heather Embrey   

Staff Support:

Jim Foster
Chief Financial Officer

Erick Campos

Heather Embrey (4)

Rob Carney