File an Ethics Complaint

benefitsprofessionalProfessional Services strengthens and enhances the level of professionalism in our industry through education and a formalized complaint process.
File An Ethics Complaint

Ethics Questions
Whenever possible we try to educate and advise REALTOR® members before a potential problem spins out of control. Staff is available to answer general real estate questions, advise on good business practices, or simply to lend another perspective to your situation. If a problem cannot be resolved informally, there is a complaint process for educating and disciplining members who are found in violation of rules.

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Have an ethics question? If you are an NVAR member, please submit your question through our Legal Hotline by clicking here.  Otherwise you can reach us at the information below.

Complaint Process
The Grievance Committee handles the initial review of formal written complaints and determines if the rules apply. If the rules apply to the case, it is forwarded to the Professional Standards Committee for further consideration. The Professional Standards Committee provides the panels that hear evidence and issue decisions in each disciplinary complaint.

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