What's a PAC?

pac primer. Got questions? Get Answers!
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What is a PAC (Political Action Committee)?
Why should Realtors® Care?
How does NV/RPAC work?
Does NV/RPAC “buy” votes?
How is NV/RPAC support for candidates and issues determined?
Does NV/RPAC support or favor one political party over another?
Does NV/RPAC support opposing candidates in an election?
How can I find out which candidates and issues NV/RPAC is supporting?
I already contribute to political candidates on my own. Why should I also give money to NV/RPAC?
Does the process really work?
How can I learn more?

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An Important Lesson

Significant changes have occurred in this industry. Our day-to-day practice is governed by state and local laws and regulations. Our ability to help your clients, our effectiveness as professionals and our impact in the local community are all related to legislation. The history of our profession is closely linked to effective political action.

If we are to survive and grow as a profession, we need to continue our involvement in the political process. NV/RPAC helps us do this effectively.