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Advocacy Success

Your Realtor® Advocacy team works tirelessly to protect the real estate industry. Although not an exhaustive list, check out recent victories that Realtors® can be proud of, including legislative, executive and judiciary branch wins.  

Affordable Housing - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Affordable Housing Programs:


Rural Housing

State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds:

Agency Confirmations - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

FHA Commissioner

FHA Director

Anti-Money Laundering - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Beneficial Ownership Rule

FinCEN Funding

Commercial Real Estate - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Adaptive Reuse Bills

EB-5 Regional Center Program:

Energy Efficiency - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

New Energy Efficiency Tax Credit and Rebate Programs for Property Owners

Fair Housing - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Increased Funding

Federal Tax - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Inflation Reduction Act

Flood Insurance - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Disaster mitigation and flood mapping

National Flood Insurance Program

Housing Finance and Assistance - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Homeless Assistance Program

Housing Counseling

LIBOR Transition

Rental Housing - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

CARES Act Notice-to-Vacate Requirement:

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

Rental Assistance Funding

Violence Against Women Act

Small Business - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

SBA Programs

State and Local - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Rent Control

Student Loan Debt - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Fixes to Existing Programs

Relief for Borrowers at Fraudulent For-Profit Institutions

Technology - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Broadband Funding

SECURE Notarization Act

Transportation and Infrastructure - Realtor® Advocacy Wins

Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Funding

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Government Affairs Blog

FIVE FOR FRIDAY: A weekly roundup of Public Policy News

Feb 11, 2022, 13:00 PM by Josh Veverka
1. NAR Supports Health Insurance Affordability 2. Letter to Fannie Mae on ANSI Measurements 3. Arlington leaders, Sen. Warner push for bridge funding 4. Lawmakers delay until next session bills seeking limited distance-based pricing on Greenway 5. Alexandria’s 2022 Real Estate Assessments Reflect Significant New Growth
FIVE FOR FRIDAYWelcome to FIVE FOR FRIDAY: A weekly roundup of Public Policy Issues and Headlines from around the Northern Virginia Region, the Commonwealth and on Capitol Hill.

1. NAR Supports Health Insurance Affordability

In a letter to the Congressional Healthy Future Task Force Affordability Subcommittee, NAR advocated for a return to expanded association health plans (AHPs).

2. Letter to Fannie Mae on ANSI Measurements

In response to Fannie Mae’s recent decision that appraisers will be required to use ANSI® Z765-2021 (American National Standards Institute®) for measuring, calculating, and reporting above-grade and below-grade square footage for appraisals requiring interior and exterior inspections with an effective date of April 1, 2022; NAR asked Fannie Mae to delay implementation of this new requirement until Freddie Mac, FHA, VA and USDA adopt the same requirement to reduce confusion.

3. Arlington leaders, Sen. Warner push for bridge funding

The Mount Vernon Avenue bridge is a vital link between Alexandria and Arlington, but it’s in rough shape and in desperate need of a refit. Friday morning Sen. Mark Warner and local leaders met with engineers to review the state of the Arlington Ridge Road/Mount Vernon Avenue bridge and advocate for it to get a significant boost from federal funding. Federal funding for bridge infrastructure is currently in the hands of state leaders who will allocate funding to bridge projects around the state.

4. Lawmakers delay until next session bills seeking limited distance-based pricing on Greenway

A Virginia House Transportation Subcommittee voted recently to delay until next year consideration of a legislative proposal aimed at reducing toll costs on the Dulles Greenway and creating distance-based pricing for commuters traveling the toll road. As part of the Feb. 3 vote, a letter will be sent to representatives from the Virginia Department of Transportation, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and Dulles Greenway asking them to form a workgroup and define the mission moving forward.

5. Alexandria’s 2022 Real Estate Assessments Reflect Significant New Growth

The City of Alexandria has issued assessments for all 46,320 parcels of real property citywide, reflecting a strong market for both residential and commercial property types. The overall value of Alexandria’s taxable property increased 6.24%, compared to January 2021, although each individual property’s value may have increased, decreased or remained unchanged. Assessment notices, representing fair market values as of January 1, have been mailed to property owners and are available online. The equalized tax base increased by approximately $2.93 million, including $2.07 billion in appreciation of existing properties and $857.64 million in either new development or improvements.