New Virginia Laws


Take Note!

The Virginia General Assembly passed numerous measures affecting Realtors® and your clients during the 2019 legislative session, including those introduced as part of our 2019 Realtor® Legislative Agenda.

All the measures summarized below were signed into law by Governor Ralph Northam (D). Unless otherwise noted, the new laws become effective July 1, 2019. 

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Common Interest Communities (HOAs, POAs, Condos)

  • Condo and Property Owners' Association Act; 3-day Right of Rescission for Incomplete Resale Certificates and Disclosure Packets

  • Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; home-based businesses

  • CIC Board; issuance of compliance orders

  • Common interest communities; dissemination of annual budget; reserve for capital components

  • Condominium Act; meetings of unit owners' associations; proxy voting

  • Property Owners' Association Act; association meetings; notice by email

Real Estate Licensing and Regulation

  • Unlicensed Real Estate in Virginia Consumer Protection Act

  • Independent Contractor Clarification for Real Estate Firms

  • Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation; unlicensed practice; cease and desist notices

  • Board of Health; Radon

  • Appointment of resident agent by nonresident property owner

  • Exemptions of real estate; recordation of signed writing; location of real estate or residence of householder if property located outside the Commonwealth

  • Virginia Residential Executory Real Estate Contracts Act

Health Insurance

Residential Property Disclosure

  • Virginia Residential Property Disclosure; Mineral Rights and Special Flood Hazard Areas

  • Virginia Residential Property Disclosure; Stormwater Facilities

Land Use and Zoning

  • Local Stormwater Management Fund

  • Uniform Statewide Building Code; enforcement by local building departments

  • Department of Health; requirements governing onsite sewage treatment systems

  • Impacts to wetlands; permit requirements for compensation

  • Grandfathering certain nonconforming use

  • Subdivision ordinance; sidewalks

Other Real Estate Related Issues

  • I-81 Improvement; Partial Transportation Funding Restored for Northern Virginia

  • Conditional Rezoning Proffers; Encouraging More Residential Development

  • Affordable housing; waiver of fees

  • Use of handheld personal communications devices; highway work zones; penalty

  • Virginia Telephone Privacy Protection Act

  • Electric utilities; provision of broadband services