Realtor® Professionalism, Education and Practice


The practice of real estate is a complex and ever-changing profession. To protect the needs of the consumer and prevent liability to agents, it is essential that real estate licensees have adequate education, training, supervision and regulation. NVAR has always been supportive of maintaining and increasing the level of professionalism in the real estate industry.

In the past decade, REALTORS® have sought and obtained General Assembly approval on legislation addressing the core competency of real estate licensees, including additional pre- and post-licensing education requirements, written brokerage agreement requirements, increased broker oversight of firm licensees, and background checks for new licensees. These measures have increased the training and education levels of licensees, but more must be done. Considering that real estate agents facilitate what may be the most expensive transaction individuals will make in their life, agents with minimal education and supervision may not be sufficiently qualified to advise many homebuyers and sellers as well as they should.

Also, over the past decade and in recent years the professionalism issues have been discussed by numerous study and advisory groups to explore a wide range of topics related to broker supervision and accountability, pre- and post-licensing education requirements, quality of education, regulatory enforcement and numerous other issues.

But the ever-changing landscape of the industry and changes to the way Virginian’s are entering the workforce require continued efforts to ensure REALTORS® are well regulated, educated and supervised.

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“According to polls 15% of the public finds real estate agents to be extremely untrustworthy. This tells us that professionalism in our industry continues to be a struggle. While we value the independence our profession provides, it is clear that both agents and brokers need more tools and fail safes to ensure adequate supervision is being provided to every agent. We need to make sure the law keeps up with the rapidly evolving post-Covid where we may not need offices, but we need increased supervision and licensing; where we can get more people in the industry through high-school education programs, but we need to regulate wholesalers to protect consumers."

Ann Yanagihara, NVAR Public Policy Committee