Property Management and Residential Landlord and Tenant Issues 


With homeownership being the ultimate goal, the reality is that most individual’s first housing option as they enter the workforce is rental housing. REALTORS® recognize the need to produce rental housing and preserve rental housing stock. REALTORS® are active in the rental housing market in many ways. They can help renter clients find housing in competitive markets, they help their clients purchase properties and rent them out to tenants, and they manage properties for their clients.

The pandemic and the current housing crisis have affected both landlords and tenants across multiple sectors. Rental housing is in high demand and rising rents reflect this demand. Almost half of American renter households pay more than 30% of their income on housing costs. Federal, state and local governments must work together to tackle the cost of housing in the United States. With this in mind, local and state leaders are expected to continue developing options to keep individuals in their homes, prevent evictions, reduce inflation of rents and to preserve rental housing options.

  • Local Advocacy Priorities

  • State Advocacy Priorities


“As a Realtor® and specifically a Property Manager, I am committed to representing and protecting my Owners and Landlords in their real estate investments. We need to ensure that operating as a housing provider is not burdensome on the owner and we need advocate against rent control and other restrictive pieces of legislation that limits their ownership rights.”

Debbie Baxter, NVAR Public Policy Committee