CE Electives: Surveys - The Basics & Beyond and Divorce & Bankruptcy [VIRTUAL ONLY]

September 20, 2023


Type of Event: Continuing Education Specialty

Instructor: Nicholas Vlissides


Please note: This course will be virtual.  
You will be emailed the link to pre-register for the virtual class closer to the class. 

CE: 2-hour Real Estate Related

Surveys: The Basics and Beyond (1 hour)
Attendees of this course will learn about the elements and types of land surveys and the purpose surveys serve in title insurance underwriting.

Divorce & Bankruptcy (1 hour)
A review of the impact that a divorce can have on property ownership with a focus on property held as tenants by the entirety. Attendees will also hear a discussion of the various types of bankruptcy and the ramifications that bankruptcy has on the sale of real estate. Attendees will better understand the effect of divorce and bankruptcy on real estate transactions to avoid issues that may delay or jeopardize settlement.