Your Financial Golden Years: Taxes & Retirement [NAR CRFW Virtual Webinar]

February 23, 2022

Office: Online

Type of Event: Event

Instructor: Heather C. Liston

Tax Summit 2022

Tax planning matters at every stage of your career, and that’s true even after you stop working. Will your tax bracket suddenly plummet? Or will it have spikes and valleys that you can manage strategically? We’ll talk about smoothing out your tax brackets duringshoprealtor-05 retirement, the Golden Planning Opportunity: ages 59.5 to 72, and questions like:

  • How is Social Security income taxed?
  • What if I relocate to a new state when I retire?
  • Do I have to pay tax on my pension?
  • What’s the deal with RMDs?
  • Should I do Roth conversions? 

Presenter: Heather C. Liston, CFP®, E.A.