What to Do If You’ve Got IRS Trouble [NAR CRFW Virtual Webinar]

February 9, 2022

Office: Online

Type of Event: Event

Instructor: Heather C. Liston

Tax Summit 2022

Taxes are complicated in the best of times, and the last couple of years have not been the best of times. Constant changes in the tax law, redesign of basic forms, and changes in enforcement priorities have left a lot of people with unexpected tax liabilities, not to mention fines, late fees, and interest. We’ll talk about how to get back on the right foot shoprealtor-05 with tax withholding and reporting, and what to do if you find yourself at odds with the IRS.

  • How to avoid owing money: Estimated taxes, managing your withholding, and the importance of filing.
  • IRS errors: How to spot them; how to handle them.
  • What if it’s not your fault? Injured spouse and innocent spouse remedies.
  • Worst-case scenarios: liens, garnishments, and more.
  • Statutes of Limitations.
  • Mitigations: Appeals, payment plans, amended returns.

Presenter: Heather C. Liston, CFP®, E.A.