Consumer-Centric Workshop: Forming Strategies for Personalized Real Estate Success [NVAR Fairfax]

May 21, 2024

8407 Pennell St.
Fairfax, VA - Virginia

Office: NVAR Fairfax

Type of Event: Event

Join us for an interactive workshop and roundtable to enhance your inclusivity in your communications. Learn More Below!

The real estate needs and preferences of your clients are unique to every individual you serve. Some requirements, such as whether they are looking to buy or sell, surface in initial consultations. Others delve into nuanced territory, like accommodating vision impairments or navigating preferred greetings. Thriving Realtors® recognize the imperative of tailoring not just their services but also their communications to resonate inclusively.

Lunch will be provided to attendees. 

12:45pm: Box Lunches Served!
1:00pm: Strategic Partners Welcome
1:05pm: International Gestures Presentation (Charles Hoskins)
1:25pm: Top 3 Tips for Prepping Listings for Differently Abled Individuals
1:45pm: Bright MLS Remarks Word Search Activity!
2pm: Fair Housing Scenarios Moderated by GMU Faculty, Millie Rivera
3pm: Event Concludes

Hosted by the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Group and the Professionalism & Ethics Advisory Group

Thank you to our Strategic Partners!