Politics & Pancakes [Westwood Country Club]

April 4, 2024

800 Maple Ave East
Vienna, VA

Office: Westwood Country Club

Type of Event: Event

The event is FREE for NV/RPAC Investors of $250 or more! To claim your complimentary registration as a $250+ RPAC Investor, please contact Josh Veverka at jveverka@nvar.com.

Your $35 registration fee is charged as an NV/RPAC investment.

Held for the first time as a stand-alone event, the annual Politics & Pancakes Breakfast is one of our most popular offerings and is widely attended by Realtors®, Strategic Partners, NVAR Leadership, and elected officials from all levels of government. Each year NVAR welcomes nationally recognized political analysts and respected journalists for an in-depth conversation on current affairs, elections, and the ever-changing political environment, all while you enjoy a great breakfast.

With the upcoming Presidential and Congressional elections, the successful completion of the 2024 Virginia General Assembly and housing and economic development issues dominating the discussion in our local governments, there will be no shortage of topics to discuss at this amazing opportunity.  

In addition to this exclusive look into the dynamics shaping policy, politics and the coming elections in 2024 (and the Pancakes of course) you’ll also meet with your elected representatives and mingle with friends. Politics & Pancakes is a great opportunity to connect with legislators at the local, state and national levels from across Northern Virginia who join us as special guests for this exclusive event.

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