CE Electives: Common Contract Contingencies & Authorizations and Signatures [NVAR Fairfax]

January 18, 2024

8407 Pennell St.
Fairfax, VA

Office: Fairfax

Type of Event: Continuing Education Specialty

Instructor: Nicholas Vlissides


Instructor: Nicholas Vlissides, New World Title & Escrow

Elective CE: 2 hours

Each course listed below will give one hour of elective continuing education credit.

Common Contract Contingencies (1-hour)  This class will define the difference between addenda and contingencies and then walk through the standard contract contingencies including inspection, financing, and appraisal contingencies.

Authorizations & Signatures (1-hour)   This course analyzes who has the authority to execute real estate sales transactions and closing documents under various circumstances, and what is necessary to establish this authority.