CE Electives: Termites-Where Are They? & Renovate, Remodel, and Repair [VIRTUAL ONLY]

September 25, 2023


Type of Event: Continuing Education Specialty

Instructor: Eric Boll


Please note: This course will be virtual.  
You will be emailed closer to the class the link to pre-register for the virtual class along with course materials. 

CE: 2-hour Real Estate Related

TERMITES: WHERE ARE THEY?  This  1-hour course looks at some of the characteristics of termite infestation in homes from recognizing them to treating the home. Buyers that are not accustomed to termites may not have realistic expectations. Preparation of your buyer is important in these situations. This seminar is designed to help you to help your client know what to expect when encountering Termite issues.

RENOVATE, REMODEL & REPAIR - Call it renovating, call it remodeling, call it updating. On every street in every city and every town in North America, somebody is doing it. Many don’t give enough thought to whether they are investing wisely in the project. Most people assume that money spent on the house is money well spent. Some projects are clear winners like replacing an old conventional furnace with a modern furnace. Others are not so clear like a high-end remodel. In fact, most remodeling efforts do not pay back on the resale of the house.

The 1-hour session looks at renovating, remodeling, and repairing your house with respect to which areas are the best bang for the buck. Which areas pay you back and which do not.