CE Elective: Hot Water Heat [NVAR Fairfax]

March 27, 2023

8407 Pennell Street
Fairfax, VA

Office: Fairfax

Type of Event: Continuing Education Specialty

Instructor: Eric Boll


CE: 1 hour Real Estate Related

The most popular heating system by far is the forced air heating system. There are, however, many homes that still have hot water heat. These are sometimes a challenge for real estate professionals:

▪ Some buyers perceive hot water heating to be an obsolete system

▪ If the buyer wants air conditioning, a home heated with hot water presents some challenges

It’s true that air conditioning is a challenge but hot water heat in the home should not be a deal breaker. There are many benefits to hot water heat. Furthermore, hot water heat has become more interesting with new options for air conditioning, in floor radiant heat and high efficiency systems.

This course will teach you:

▪ how the hot water heating system works

▪ the pros and cons of hot water heating

▪ the new options available