Building Wealth with Real Estate Investing hosted by The Hispanic Realtor Forum [NVAR Fairfax]

June 7, 2022

8407 Pennell Street
FAIRFAX, Virginia

Office: Fairfax

Type of Event: Event

Instructor: Charles Einsmann Jose Gonzalez Karen Reynoso Scott Craft

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Real Estate investors who want control over their investments must dig into the industry, know their market, and understand the risks and rewards from an investing standpoint. Whether looking to invest in homes for multiple families as rental properties or purchase real estate to add value to your portfolio, receive valuable strategies from real-world experts on the pros & cons of real estate investing and financing fundamentals, including hard money lending. If you want to become an investor, a new investor, or you have years of experience under your belt, there is always something new to learn in real estate. This session will answer those questions needed to increase your knowledge in real estate investing! Lunch Provided!
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