CE Elective: Negotiation Skills [Virtual/NVAR Herndon Service Center]

February 3, 2022

Office: Herndon Online

Type of Event: Continuing Education

Instructor: Tara Houston

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Elective CE: 4 hours

This course provides an in-depth training for brokers and agents on how to successfully advocate for their clients in real estate transactions.  The course provides background on the use of negotiation, including different types and styles of negotiation and the building blocks of the negotiation process.  It teaches agents and brokers how to determine the interests and issues involved in each step of the real estate transaction and how best to create alternative options for their clients. Strategies and tactics are covered as they pertain to agent duties and contractual obligations. 

WE ARE GREEN!  All course materials will be emailed prior to the course.   Materials can be purchased in advance by emailing education@nvar.com before the course.   COST: $10