CE Elective: An In-depth Look at Virginia Contracts [Virtual/NVAR Herndon Service Center]

February 3, 2022

Office: Herndon Online

Type of Event: Continuing Education

Instructor: Larry Anderson

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4hrs VA CE Credit - Real Estate Related

Elective CE: 4 hours

This four-hour Course is designed to give Realtors an in-depth look on filling out the Regional Sales Contract.  The information contained within this course will make sure the real estate agent is equipped with the knowledge to complete the Sales Contract and to explain each area in the Contract to their Client.  This course will make sure the consumer is knowledgeable of the total document they are signing.

WE ARE GREEN!  All course materials will be emailed prior to the course.   Materials can be purchased in advance by emailing education@nvar.com before the course.   COST: $10