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Get ready for an exhilarating journey through Northern Virginia's diverse home styles at NVAR's REALTOR® UNITE CONVENTION & EXPO! Take a load off during all of the excitement and immerse yourself in the beauty of Northern Virginia.


The Colonial Revival

  • Emerged during Centennial celebrations, honoring colonial heritage.
  • Symmetrical design, balanced windows and doors.
  • Iconic elements: columns, pediments, crown molding.
  • Peak popularity in early the 20th century.
  • Preserves historical roots in modern homes
colonial revival

neo-colonial revival

The Neo-Colonial Revival

  • Preserves historical roots in modern homes.
  • Blends traditional and modern elements.
  • Draws inspiration from diverse colonial styles.
  • Classic charm with modern amenities.

The Tudor Revival

  • Inspired by English Tudor architecture.
  • Exposed wooden beams, stucco exteriors and steep gabled roofs.
  • Flourished 19th-20th century.
  • Whimsical, fairy tale aesthetic.
Tudor Revival


The Cape Cod

  • Compact design.
  • Steep pitched roofs.
  • Originated in New England.
  • Classic, timeless appeal.

  • The Bungalow

  • Single-story, low-pitched roofs.
  • Cozy, open floor plans.
  • Popularized in the 20th century.
  • Charming architectural style.
  • Bungalows (2)

    New Home Construction

    The New Home

  • Booming market
  • Diverse styles
  • Green focus
  • Planned communities

  • Apartment 1

    The Condominium

    Diverse, urban living options.

    Close to retail.

    Modern, well-connected communities.

    Varying architectural styles.

    High demand and convenience.

    Apartment 2

    Town home 1

    The Town House

    Multi-level, attached homes.

    Urban convenience with suburban feel.

    Growing popularity.

    Close-knit communities.

    Town home 2


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