NVAR Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging


NVAR Electric Vehicle Charging (2)

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NVAR Electric Vehicle Charging

NVAR now offers its members a sustainable way to charge their Electric Vehicle. Available starting February 6, there will be FOUR available Level 2 EV Charging stations ready make sure you have enough battery for your next showing!

EV charging will operate on a first-come first-serve basis. Tesla charging adaptors are available for use at no additional cost.

Level 2 Chargers

NVAR's EV charging stations are designed to generate 20-25kWh, which means a member can charge half of a 50kW battery in one hour.*
There is a standing-fee that will begin 30-minutes after a completed charge.**
*Once you have finished charging, please move to another spot as courtesy to others.
**$2.00/hr after initial 30-minute grace period 


Members are encouraged to sign-up with their NVAR email when creating your EVCONNECT app for exclusive EV Charging discounts for members automatically applied to your account!

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No Account?

No problem. Use the EVCONNECT App as a "Guest" and use Use voucher code ZB2Y to access your EV member benefit immediately!

Indoor AND Outdoor Charging

EV Charging will be available on the parking deck AND the parking garage only at NVAR Fairfax!

Questions? Contact webmaster@nvar.com for more information. Thank you!