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Hi and thank you for visiting. Here is a little about me and how I got here. I was born in northern Florida and grew up working on houses at a young age to begin learning the trades. I went to college in North Carolina where I was a property manager and started a construction company that I ran for several years.

In early 2008 I was approached by a home health care company to start and run a whole new section of the business. The idea was simple, help people who need help. I would visit the elderly and disabled patients in their place of living and see what I could do to make their home safer and more accessible so they could stay in a familiar environment. I checked electrical services, fixed plumbing, re-framed collapsing joists, patched roofs, fixed chimneys, built ramps, widened doors, modified bathrooms, added grab bars, you name it. During this time I also began buying homes to flip, hold, and sell as an investment. As it goes, duty called for my wife to move as she is in the United States Coast Guard so here we are now. After spending a lifetime of learning how things should and shouldn’t be built, completing many home inspections for the healthcare company, private individuals, myself, and other businesses, I decided that I would pursue home inspections as a full-time occupation.

I hope you will understand after this brief introduction why I named the business Advocates Home Inspections. I’d like the opportunity to Advocate for your needs. If you are a buyer, a seller, a real estate agent, an elder law attorney working for a client, or a family member concerned about the well being of a loved one in their home, I’d be happy to take your call and honored to do business with you.

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