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Upcoming Docs+ Changes and You


Upcoming Docs+ changes will make it easier for users with multiple MLS accounts to organize their transactions and lays the foundation for future platform development.  

What’s changing? 

Currently, Docs+ authenticates users by email address. Going forward, Docs+ will use the members’ unique MLS ID for authentication purposes.   

How will this impact me? 

This change mostly affects users with multiple MLS accounts. For the vast majority of Docs+ users, this change will not impact how you use or access Docs+.   

Currently, users with multiple MLS accounts are limited to a single Docs+ account. This change means that you can now assign specific transactions to the appropriate office by logging in to Docs+ using the unique MLS ID associated with that specific office.  

For example, assume Broker A manages several branch offices.  Each office has its own MLS ID. Broker A receives an offer on broker’s listing for 123 Main Street. If this listing is assigned to Branch Office B, Broker A would log-in to Docs+ using the MLS ID number associated with Branch Office B.  Docs+ would then assign the transaction to that specific Branch Office account in Docs+. 

IMPORTANT: For users with multiple MLS accounts, the account you log-in to for the first time following this update determines the location of all legacy transaction existing before this change. So, make sure to log-in using the MLS ID for the account you would like your legacy files to migrate to.  For all transactions originating after this change, you would simply log-in using the appropriate MLS ID and Docs+ will assign the transaction to that particular account.  

Are there any other changes I need to know about? 

In order for Docs+ to know that a particular user has rights to access a transaction, the system will ask the user to log-in when they receive a new transaction. See the Release Notes for an illustration of this process.  

For example: assume a user receives an offer related to 123 Main Street. When they receive the email with the link to access the documents, the user will be directed to the preview screen. After being prompted to log-in, the account they log-in with will determine which Docs+ account the 123 Main Street transaction will go. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Remine Customer Support here 

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