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Starting June 1, bring your blue lockboxes to NVAR and receive $50 toward the purchase of a new Bluetooth lockbox

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NVAR offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5PM. No appointment is necessary to drop off/purchase your new lockbox.

SentriLock (FAQs)

  • What is a Lockbox?

  • How do I sign up for SentriLock?

  • How do I Ensure the App Works with No Cell Service?

  • How do I access a non-Bluetooth (navy blue) lockbox without a SentriCard® Key?

  • How do I upgrade to a new Bluetooth lockbox?

  • Why is SentriLock retiring the SentriCard® on January 1, 2022?

  • Why Should I upgrade my lockbox to a Bluetooth version?

  • What should SentriCard® users do now?

  • The card works for me, why should I switch?

  • Which jurisdictions offer access rights (Reciprocity) on your SentriKey System?

  • How Do I Assign My LockBox To Another Region or Association?

  • Do You Want to Keep DC Settings on?

  • How do I transfer ownership of a Lockbox?

  • What Do I Do If I Lose My Sentricard?

  • Is there a way to recycle my old non-Bluetooth NXT lockboxes?

  • What does "Unlock Your $50 Incentive" refer to?

  • How do I receive the "Unlock Your $50 Incentive" for SentriLock lockboxes?

  • Why is the "Unlock Your $50 Incentive" being offered?

  • When will this incentive take place?

  • Do I need to schedule an appointment to drop off my old lockboxes?

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About SentriLock

SentriLock is the official lockbox solution for the National Association of Realtors®. As the leading electronic lockbox manufacturer and leading provider of property access management solutions, SentriLock operates in support of Realtors® and the industry, offering an easy to use, reliable and secure system.

SentriLock contracts with local Realtor® Associations or MLSs to provide its products and services to Realtors® . You can purchase lockboxes through NVAR, where staff members can then authorize you for the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App, which allows you to manage your Lockbox inventory, view access logs, and control your personal settings related to lockbox features and more.


The future of real estate has arrived. We know how important a seamless on-the-market experience is for you and your clients; that's why we offer the latest lockbox technology.  

Harness the Power of your SentriKey® App

  • SentriLock has evaluated their keycard technology and concluded that they will be retiring the cards, and the non-Bluetooth lockboxes will become obsolete. This transition takes effect January 1, 2022. Instead of the SentriCard®, the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App will be the sole means of access for lockboxes.   
  • Advantages include:
    • Ability to access lockboxes without the need for Wi-Fi.
    • The refresh feature, which safeguards the private information linked to your account. This eliminates the possibility of Keycard loss or theft. 
    • No need for card renewals. 
    • Access to information regarding property listing and SentriLock partners. 

SentriLock has published a General Overview video of the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App, as well as a deeper dive into the application's Enhanced Features. 

Read more from our SentriLock announcement here

Click here to download the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App for iPhone. 
Click here to download the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App for Android.

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Blog Articles

How to Access SentriLock Lockboxes with No Cell Coverage

May 6, 2021, 10:13 AM by Chris Barranco
NVAR recognizes how important it is that Realtors® feel confident and prepared using the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App, even in areas with little to no cell phone coverage. The information in this article will detail this process, for both the Bluetooth (Gray) lockbox and non-Bluetooth (Navy Blue) lockboxes.


How to Access SentriLock Lockboxes with No Cell Coverage

The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® (NVAR) is your partner for information regarding seamless and secure access to your SentriLock lockbox. With the SentriKey® physical card retiring Jan. 1, 2022, NVAR’s mission is to help members learn more about the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App.

NVAR recognizes how important it is that Realtors® feel confident and prepared using the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App, even in areas with little to no cell phone  coverage. The information below will detail this process, for both the Bluetooth (Gray) lockbox and non-Bluetooth (Navy Blue) lockboxes. 

For Bluetooth Lockboxes (Gray Lockboxes) 

All users should refresh their SentriKey® Real Estate app credentials each day. You can think of this as the same process as plugging your physical card into the card reader each day. Whether you are a Listing Agent, Showing Agent, or an Affiliated User, before you leave home or the office, launch the Sentrikey® Real Estate app on your mobile device.  After authenticating, your credentials are good for 24 hours. After doing so, when interacting with the SentriLock Realtor® Bluetooth lockbox, it requires only your Bluetooth connection to open the key door, even if you're out of cell coverage.

For non-Bluetooth Lockboxes (Navy Blue Lockboxes)

If you're going to a showing in a remote area and that listing is not using a Bluetooth Lockbox, we have an answer for you, too. The My Schedule function in the SentriKey® Real Estate App is your solution, and this can be facilitated through the Listing Agent, creating the appointment directly in the SentriKey® Real Estate system. Once the showing is scheduled, and the SentriKey® Real Estate app detects low or no cellular coverage, a Mobile Access Code will be presented in the SentriKey® Real Estate app. You will then enter this code in your lockbox. No card needed, no reception needed, no Bluetooth needed.

NVAR is your partner for all your on-the-market needs. For more information regarding SentriLock and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), you can click here.