Market Statistics

  • Market Statistics: November 2016

    Homebuyers in Northern Virginia this past November were not kicking tires. The November housing market gained compared to November 2015 in the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® region
  • Market Statistics: October 2016

    People Stay in Homes on Average for a Decade Now, First-Time Buyer Programs Assist Millennials, reports the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors®

  • Market Statistics: September 2016

    ‘Election year housing market jitters never quite materialized’; inventory still lean

  • Market Statistics: August 2016

    Hungry Buyers Get Serious In Spite of Lean Inventory, Stable Sales Prices Continue; August Housing Sales Spike 11 percent
  • Market Statistics: July 2016

    July Home Sales Dip With Summer in Full Swing, More Transactions in the Pipeline; Current Mortgage Rates Lure Qualified, Serious Buyers
  • Market Statistics: June 2016

    NOVA Housing Prices Rise 3%, Sales Plateau; Pending Contracts Rise 6%; ‘When It Is Good It is Gone’ Is the Catchphrase for June Home Sales Activity
  • Market Statistics: May 2016

    Housing Market Edges Up As the Fed Considers an Interest Rate Hike; 8 percent increase in Sales Offset by Dip in Active Listings, compared to last May
  • Market Statistics: April 2016

    April Home Sales in No. Virginia up Nearly 9 Percent: ‘Moderate Sales Growth’ Forecasted
  • Market Statistics: March 2016

    Increase in March Listings Provide Homebuyers with More Choices; Confidence is Up; Average, Median Home Prices in Northern Virginia Dip Slightly

  • Market Statistics: February 2016

    Northern Virginia February 2016 Home Sales, Pendings Rise, Inventory Dips, Prices Remain Firm: Location, Condition Matter Most


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