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Many borrowers say the mortgage process is a major pain


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At a time of super-strict underwriting standards, record-high credit-score requirements and hard-wired debt-to-income cutoffs, has the process of applying and qualifying gone a little over the top? Read More


Buyers Are Being Drawn to New Homes
"We can expect further growth in new home sales throughout the year, spurred on by employment gains and a rise in household formations," Read More


Renters May Get Upper Hand in 2017

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Since the Great Recession from 2007–2009, renters have faced skyrocketing rents and landlords have enjoyed steadily growing profits. However, that may change in 2017, according to the latest forecast from Axiometrics. Read More

How to find a quality tenant when renting out your home

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There is a lot of help for those looking to find tenants. A Realtor, real estate agent or rental management company can all work with you to find a renter for your rental home. Read More

Home assessments rise slightly in Fairfax County

home assessments rise slightly in fairfax county

Of 17 different geographic areas of the county, average assessments were up in 13 and down in four. The biggest decline came in the most pricey geographic area – Great Falls – where the average assessment dropped. Read More


Affordability, interest rates cloud real-estate picture for 2017

The survey found that a majority of households believe now is a good time to buy a home, but that confidence has retreated by a considerable amount amongst renters. Read More


Rent vs. Buy

In fact, even with housing costs on the rise and steep closing costs and other taxes on buying a home, in most areas of the country it is more affordable to own a home than it is to rent one. Read More
partner and I

 Should My Partner and I Buy a Home Before We Marry?

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First comes love, then comes the mortgage, then comes the wedding? It may seem unconventional for a couple to purchase a home together before making the trek down the aisle Read More

For millennials ready to buy a home, the pickings are slim


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As Millennials find better-paying jobs, start families and begin searching for their first homes, they’re encountering an unfortunate reality: Just as they’re finally ready to buy, the housing market has the fewest homes available for sale on record. Read More
how will housing fare

How Will Housing Fare Over the Next Decade?

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Rising populations and a growth in the job market likely will release a pent-up demand in housing over the next 10 years. Read More

new season

New season, new buyer

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Spring and summer seasons always dominate the home selling market, but with our area being one that is so transient, it would be a mistake to overlook the fall. Read More


Is America Becoming A ‘Renter Nation’

Traditionally, the business of renting single-family homes has been a local mom and pop operation. But that landscape changed as investors, with no community ties whatsoever, purchased properties in bulk. Read More