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Docs+ by Remine is a Foundation Partner. Learn how you can be one, too!


Remine Docs+ is one streamlined solution for collaborative, cloud-based, end-to-end document creation, e-signature, and transaction management. NVAR is transitioning to Remine Docs+ in order to provide members with an easy-to-use, streamlined and future-focused document platform.

Getting to Know Docs+ by Remine

1. What is Docs+?

Docs+  is one streamlined solution for collaborative, cloud-based, end-to-end document creation, e-signature, and transaction management. NVAR provides Docs+ to all members at no additional cost, in order to equip Realtors® with an easy-to-use, streamlined and future-focused document platform. Over 5,600+ NVAR members have claimed their Docs+ member benefit. Learn more here.

2. What are some key features of Docs+?

Document Packages: Document Packages are fully customizable, “templated” collections of prefilled forms that make offer generation quick and easy.

Clause Kits: Repeatedly adding clauses/stipulations to documents one-by-one is arduous and can lead to costly errors. Agents can save time with Clause Kits — collections of clauses curated by agents, brokers or their MLSs that can be added directly to contracts in a few clicks.
Smart Form TechnologyTransaction documents are “linked” to save time on repetitive field entries. Save additional time with automatically integrated signature and initial fields for all parties. Warnings and alerts highlight potential errors prior to sending and signing, preventing needless mistakes and potential amendments.
Multi-party Collaboration: All parties involved can make in-line changes in one cloud-based, collaborative document.
Notifications and Highlights: Automated email notifications give agents peace of mind and keep them engaged in the transaction’s progress. Smart Form highlighting makes reviewing the changes made by cooperating agents quick and easy.
Document History: Remine Docs+ offers an easy-to-access in-app edit/ change summary and a downloadable audit report where every signature, initial and edit is meticulously logged and tracked from start to finish.
Admin and Broker Features: Brokers and admins can easily distribute fully customizable Checklists, Clauses and documents.
3. I'm interested in accessing my Docs+ member benefit, but I'm unsure how to use the platform. Is there any way I can learn more?

NVAR has compiled a series of Docs+ trainings and tutorials via the following link: Remine Docs+ Media (nvar.com)

4. Does Docs+  by Remine provide Customer Support?

Remine support can be found by accessing this link: Contact Remine Support – Remine Support Center

5. What else should Realtors® know about Docs+?

Docs+ has provided NVAR with a comprehensive User Guide for those who are getting started with the platform. This User Guide includes information on getting started with Docs+, transactions, packages, clauses, checklists, form library and submissions, and roles and contracts. You can access the User Guide by clicking here.


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