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The real estate industry is undergoing exponential change. The physical, political and philosophical boundaries of MLSs no longer fulfill what brokerages need to conduct business. Bright MLS was created from a desire to be the change that real estate professionals demand. We want to empower everyone to get more out of the MLS.

Whether you work on the border of a county and belong to multiple MLSs or you only use one MLS system, Bright provides subscribers with access to listing information for a larger geographic area, modern, easy-to-use systems and apps to serve your clients and run your business, and a comprehensive ecosystem of robust property information and analytics.

Getting to Know Bright MLS

1. What is Bright MLS?

Bright MLS is one of the nation's largest multiple listing services, representing 85,000 agents and brokers and 10 million property records. Bright MLS was formed in 2015 and has expanded from the consolidation of nine other MLS services in the Mid-Atlantic United States. 

2. Is Bright MLS a valuable resource for Realtors®? 

New research shows dramatically better results for Bright subscribers and their sellers when listed on the MLS, compared to “off-MLS” options. A study of 442,829 comparable home sales spanning the Bright region, over 2 years, reveals the median sale price for homes promoted through the MLS was 16.98% higher than homes sold off-MLS.

Read the full study here.

3. What area and markets does Bright MLS serve?

Bright’s markets cover a broad geography, spanning 40,000 square miles and 20 million consumers, including regions in Virginia, DC, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

4. Why should I join Bright MLS?

Bright was created out of the recognition that real estate  professionals need access to the same listings across the same markets their clients are looking, traveling and moving. Bright MLS believes agents, brokers, appraisers and consumers all benefit from a unified Multiple Listing Service. 

5. What else should I know about Bright MLS?

Bright MLS provides a weekly market update and monthly market statistics, in addition to a home demand index and supplementary research. These numbers, which are only available through the Multiple Listing Service, are combined to give individuals a whole new way to be the expert about real estate interest in their local market.


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Client Presentation

Securing a meeting with a buyer or seller is an important first step, but how do members set themselves apart? Using the technology tools and service provider experts available through their membership, they can create presentations that will cement the client relationship. Shop Realtor® competency solutions help to boost the Realtor’s® confidence and their customers’ with cutting-edge, polished presentation materials, home improvement service providers, and a wealth of ideas culled from local, regional and national industry experts.