Bronze Foundation Partners

bronze foundation partners banner

Partners with $5,000+ in Organizational Investment

  1. One set of complimentary customized pre-printed NVAR mailing labels
  2. A 1-paragraph/1-image Exclusive Bronze Foundation Partner web page on NVAR's website
  3. Ability to have up to four (4) complimentary individual Affiliate Memberships in NVAR
  4. Invitation to select exclusive NVAR events for the Partner's CEO and Designated Liaison
  5. Opportunity to place approved rotating branded slide in digital signage in all NVAR Realtor® Hub locations
  6. Partner's logo featured on Strategic Partner Page within NVAR's RE+View magazine and online portal
  7. An 8-foot exhibit booth with preferred placement in NVAR's Trade Show Exhibit Hall at the Annual NVAR Convention & Trade Show
  8. Opportunity to use the "NVAR Bronze Foundation Partner" medallion/logo within Partner's advertising

Become a Partner Today!

*All Partnerships come with an inclusive set of individual affiliate memberships that once assigned are not transferable. Additional individual affiliate memberships are available at $200 per individual membership. Each individual affiliate members is entitled to a full set of the affiliate member benefits including a personal professional listing with contact info, company logo, and a headshot photo in the NVAR Affiliate Service Provider Directory located on the NVAR Website.