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What can we do if an association or management company isn’t following the law?

Aug 9, 2016

Contract Issues

Question: What can we do if an association or management company isn’'t following the law?

Answer: One of the more significant changes in the 2007 law was the establishment of a Common Interest Community Board. This Board was established to regulate management companies and their supervisory and managerial employees. The Board will also receive complaints against associations for alleged code violations.

If the association has a formal complaint process established, you may be required to adhere to that process before initiating action through the CIC Board. You would also need to use the association’s own complaint process if the violations involve policies that are not governed by Virginia Code, such as association rules or architectural guidelines, as these do not fall within the jurisdiction of the CIC Board.
If you have questions about a complaint or whether your situation qualifies for CIC Board action, contact the office of the CIC Board Ombudsman at 804.367.2941, or visit
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