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If the Seller does not respond at all during the Negotiation Period

Sep 27, 2016

Contract Issues

Question: What happens if the Seller does not respond at all during the Negotiation Period? effectively forcing the Purchaser to either void the contract or take the property in its current condition?

Answer: Under the old Home Inspection Contingency, a Seller who wanted to void the contract would simply fail to respond to a counter-offer and the contract would automatically become void. Under the new Home Inspection Contingency, there is no automatic voiding of the contract by the inaction of the Seller. Rather, if the Seller fails to respond to the Purchaser’s Home Inspection Contingency Removal Addendum with proposed repairs, then the Purchaser chooses to either take the house without any repairs or void the contract. The Seller can no longer automatically force cancellation of the contract.
  • Contract Issues