CE Elective: New Technologies For The Home [VIRTUAL ONLY]

April 13, 2023


Type of Event: Continuing Education Specialty

Instructor: Eric Boll


Please note: This course will be virtual.  
You will be emailed closer to the class the link to pre-register for the virtual class along with course materials. 

Elective CE: 1 hour

As a realtor, it’s vital to understand the complexity of home improvement options for home buyers, and any of the upgrades home owners have already done, especially when they become sellers – the upgrades then become key selling features. Knowledge about which home improvements has the greatest value means: knowing both the value of the home-improvement component and the perceived value to the end user.

New technologies for the home come on the market every year – from building materials to appliances to automation devices. Some add tremendous value and others don’t, depending both on the home and on those who make the purchasing decisions – are they early technology adopters and want automated blinds, or do they just need to get a better thermostat or heat system? New home technologies have significantly changed how a home operates – from improving energy efficiency, saving money to reducing and environmental impacts, to adding another level of convenience and comfort. Knowing about these technologies will help you help your clients make informed decisions about their homes.

In this section, we will cover new home technologies that either sellers have already incorporated into their house, potentially increasing its value, or that buyers might consider for the same reason, as well as for increased comfort and cost savings. We will discuss which new technologies can potentially increase efficiency and reduced energy costs (and a lighter touch on the planet) as well as the pitfalls to avoid when manufacturers/sellers overstate performances.