NVAR Board Meeting [NVAR Headquarters]

March 18, 2021

8407 Pennell St
Fairfax, VA

Office: Fairfax

Type of Event: Event

boardroom at NVAR headquater

Guest Attendance Policy

Meetings of the Board are open to NVAR Members in good standing who wish to listen and observe proceedings, as well as guests invited by the President (“Guests”).

In accordance with government-mandated restrictions on in-person gatherings, Guests may only attend Board meetings virtually to ensure everyone's safety. In-person attendance options described below will resume as soon as we are legally and safely able to do so. All policies regarding confidentiality, rules of order and decorum apply to Guest attendance at virtual meetings. To attend a meeting virtually, please email webmaster@nvar.com to obtain a registration link.

Members shall contact the President or the CEO to report their intent to attend the meeting no less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting and shall sign the Member & Guest Attendance Policy & Sign-In Sheet, which NVAR will provide prior to the Meeting. Requests may be sent to webmaster@nvar.com.

Guests members shall sign in on this attendance sheet and will be seated in designated visitor seating.  Due to limited seating in the Board room, accommodations can be made for up to a maximum of eight (8) seated guests, which may include guests invited by the Board. Standing is not permitted. The eight (8) guests will be provided a guest badge and seated on a first-come, first-served basis based on the order in which they signed in below.  All other guest members will be escorted to another location in the NVAR building where they can watch, listen and observe the Board meeting.  Once the meeting is called to order, no additional guest members are permitted to enter as this is disruptive to the meeting.  

Guest members are asked to respect that Directors, as elected representatives of the membership, have an agenda to discuss. Guests are not permitted to disturb the meeting by whispering, demonstrative behavior, walking around the room or speaking without permission. While guests may not introduce new topics or speak spontaneously during the general business portion of the meeting, they may be permitted to speak if time permits in the President of the Board’s sole discretion, and if called upon by the President. If there are several guests called on to speak, the President may set limits on the number of speakers and their time to speak.

The Board may go into executive closed-door session, at which point all visitors are excused from the meeting. A sign will be placed on the outside of the Board room door indicating when the Board is in executive session and when the Board is in open session. Guests with badges may be re-admitted when the Board reconvenes in open session.

Guests acknowledge that all discussions and documents are to be treated confidentially and that the official spokesperson for the Board is the President or the President’s designee. Audio recording, video recording, and live posting on social media by any attendee during meetings are strictly prohibited.

Guests who do not comply with the rules of order or decorum may be denied the opportunity to speak, removed from the meeting and/or prohibited from attending future meetings.