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TopShotPro is the leading Video Marketing Team for Real Estate Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners looking to elevate their Brand’s Message across all available Digital Platforms.

Founded by Michael Rivero & Joshua McQuaig, TopShotPro is a Digital Branding & Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping their clients nurture the intersection between their brand and the people they want to connect with online.

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DIY Services

If you’re not looking to hire a full Do It For Me, type of package or service. Our DIY services will offer you an array of products and services that you can control from start to finish.

Do Everything For You (DEFY)

If you’re ready to build your business and you’re looking to take massive action on money making activities. Our DEFY services get you aligned with your Unique Focus. Building Your Business.

-Digital Marketing-

Scaling your businesses online

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Getting in front of your prospects throughout their buying journey.

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Video impacts your revenue when working online.

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-Creative Branding-

Aesthetics, Consistency and Relevance are focused on your brand.

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-Social Media Marketing-

Attention is key for modern brands to stand out in front of their prospects.

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-Web Designing-

Aesthetics, Consistency and Relevance are focused on your brand

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