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Industry Experts Discuss AI at NVAR’s Second Annual Evolution Tech Showcase


By Henry Schleizer & Emily Davidson

Technology has evolved rapidly over time, much like real estate. Fire was discovered by the first humans roughly 1.5 million years ago and is often considered the first technological discovery to enhance human life. 

From fire stemmed creations like the wheel, which spurred advancements that led to more inventions such as the telegraph, electric light, radio, television, laptops, smart phones, smart homes and now artificial intelligence.  

 The evolution of technology has greatly impacted real estate and the emergence of AI has already made an impact on the industry. At the second annual NVAR Evolution Tech Showcase, hosted by the Technology Advisory Group, Products and Services Advisory Group and New Member Advisory Group, Realtors ® had the opportunity to hear from experts in the industry on how to better advance their everyday business with AI and other emerging technologies. 

Panelists Logan Stewart (SentriLock , Shawn Kenney (Bright MLS), George Zoto (the National Association of Realtors ®), John Blair (Fairfax County Economic Development Authority) Alex Thalacker (Fairfax County Economic Development Authority), and Tracey Hawkins (Safety and Security Source) discussed exciting developments for home buyers and sellers, in addition to the added risk posed by AI.

The presenters provided an overview of AI technology and its applications in real estate, helping agents automate processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Attendees learned practical tools, such as how to utilize Chat GPT to provide descriptions of a listing, or to translate in another language.  

While Realtors® should proceed with caution and use AI safely, embracing new developments can help Realtors® advance their business and better serve their clients.  

Did you miss EVOLUTION? No worries! Join us at our next Technology Advisory Group event, “ Smart Home Tour” on June 9th from 11AM-1PM at the Smart Home in Falls Church, VA.  

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